Find Out What Your Home’s Really Worth

Find Out What Your Home’s Really Worth

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Are you buying or selling a home in the Cedar Rapids area? Don’t go through with the sale until you’ve had your home appraised by Gossard Appraisal. You could be selling yourself short—or overpaying—by thousands! You can trust us to assist you with this important financial decision.

Why should you choose our real estate appraisal services above the rest? Gossard Appraisal was opened in 1992 by our certified appraiser, Craig Gossard. In nearly 25 years of business, we’ve seen all sorts of real estate dealings.

Learn more about Craig, our certified real estate appraisal specialist

Craig received his degree with a major in business and a minor in economics. Craig has been working in various aspects of real estate since 1972. That’s over 40 years of relevant industry experience! Call us today at 319-364-3881 to get started.